Classes We Offer

Your quest for the perfect Dance Studio can end right here. Our extensive list of classes includes many types of dance and a variety of skill levels, so rest assured there’s an option that’s perfect for you. We’re constantly updating our catalogue of classes, so check back often to make sure you don’t miss out on a new dance opportunity.

Handstand on Poles

Acrobatic Dance

This class is aimed at achieving the amazing.

Students are Trained in Classic Gymnastic Styles with a dance element.

Studying this style of dance allows students to be apart of big display teams, competition teams and really gives students confidence to take on some of the most impressive acrobatic tricks.

Dancer with Hoop

Aerial Hoop & Aerial Silks

Specialist Class in Circus Styles that will definitely wow audiences. 

We are thrilled to be one of the very few dance academies that are able to provide students with this discipline.

Students will learn to work in the Silks and work the Aerial Hoop performing death defying skills and drops in the air along side strength conditioning and beautiful presentation.

Specialist Competition Opportunities are also available in this discipline

Ballet Performance


A popular class with students of all ages.

This class is based on the IDTA Syllabus allowing students to enter exams, learn Classical Ballet Technique and eventually work their way up to dancing En Pointe.

An ideal choice for all students who wish to pursue a career in dance or just have a love of classical Ballet.

Break Dance Crew

Commercial & Street Dance

A popular class where we explore Commercial Street Dance Styles.

Students are taught Street Dance Technique and Routines so that they get to show case their talents doing something the love

Fitness Class

Challenge Class

Challenge class is a great class for conditioning and fitness levels for our students.

Students will work to develop their strength through targeted exercised, stamina through cardio work and flexibility through our targeted conditioning regime.

This class is designed to supplement students who do any of our other classes by increasing their core strength stamina and flexibility.

Dance Class

Competition Classes

There are many different variations of these classes all based around competition work for Local Festivals, National Championships, Miss Dance of Great Brittan Heats and Soon International Competition.

Students will get the opportunity to learn Duets and Trios with their friends and take part in group dances in our Troupes class.

These dances will vary in style from Modern Jazz, Song and Dance, Tap, Acrobatics, Ballet and many more.

Dance Performance

Modern Jazz

This class is one of our core lessons where students learn the basic principles of Dance.

Students will learn to Leap, Jump, Kick and Spin their way across the dance floor. 

This class is a must for students who have a keen interest in dance.


Music Tuition - Vocals

Vocal Tuition is taught one to one with our excellent music faculty. 

Students will have the option of learning Classical Styles, Musical Theatre or Popular Pop Styles.

There are also exam opportunities with London College of Music and Rock School Awards.

Large Theatre

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre Classes are designed to be all singing, dancing with a bit of drama in there just for good measure.

Students will receive an all round education to be come what is known as a "Triple Threat". As students confidence grow they will then develop into our Theatre Company and perform in productions that are cast, taught and produced in house.

Pole Dancing Splits

Pole Fitness

This class is aimed for older students and Adults where you will learn how to work the pole to achieve what you never thought possible. 

This class conditions your body to use muscles you have never used before and to push beyond your limits to achieve visually stunning artistic pieces.

This class is also great for confidence building, networking and making friends with like minded people.

Dancer in Studio

Private Tuition

Students who take our Private Lessons describe this as their favourite class.

Students get Half and Hour - 1 Hour one to one tuition with their teacher in which they will get Solos for Competitions and Championships, work on class work where needed and really get a focused in depth look at technique, development and style.

Ballet dancers

Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT)

We are thrilled with our new Ballet Programme provided by the global organisation Progressing Ballet Technique. 

Our friends at PBT are a global organisation leading the way for development of safe ballet progression and technique. 

This programme is recognised by the Royal Academy of Dance and is a MUST for any aspiring Ballet Dancer

Close Up of Tap Shoes

Tap Dance

Tap dance is a fun style of dance particularly enjoyed by our younger students who love the sound their tap shoes make on the floor.

As students advance they are given opportunities to take exams in tap to develop their skills and confidence in this truly amazing art form.

Young Dancers in Ballet Class

Tots Class

One of our personal favourites!

Tots Class's Run over Two Days and Featuring 4 Half an Hour Lessons

1. Modern Jazz

2. Ballet

3. Tap

4. Acrobatics

During each of these classes students will sing dance play games and really benefit from an all round dance education.

This class is designed to be fun and lay the foundations for young dancers and the years to come.

Zumba Dance Class


More Classes Coming Soon Include

Adult Tap

Adult Ballet

Adult Zumba